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Who We Are...

The music Lab Ct began in May 2016. In the spirit of revitalizing downtown Canaan, I was offered a storefront on Railroad Street to offer the community an informal place to play and learn music as well as providing a more diverse interest in the downtown area. The response we received from students, parents, businesses and town officials inspired me to seek a 501 c-3 non profit status, which was granted in May 2017.


We began an after school program for local student, gave lessons on various instruments, hosted ‘jam sessionsʼ, supported local events and helped promote other artists with referrals and networking. In July 2017, after out-growing our previous space, we relocated to 97B Main Street. The space had potential but needed improvement which was accomplished in 2018.  We continued to offer lessons, school programs, and event support.  In January 2019 the board of directors was reformed with new energetic members who have been involved in many organizations, understand the importance of the arts as a facet in local economic development and care deeply about our town.


Since January, we have created a website, are contributing members of the NWCT Arts Council, offer many workshops through the year, have several after school programs focusing on music introduction, science of sound, lessons and ensemble performing. We also offer private and group lessons for adults. We are committed again to provide sound reinforcement and artists for our local veteranʼs and look forward to another year supporting the local orgs. in fundraising and family orientated events. The future looks bright as we expand our programs and reach out to other towns that could benefit in the resources we can provide in promoting, teaching and inspiring the art of music in our small local communities.


Board of Directors...

SEAN CLAYDON President / Ceo Founder of the Music Lab Ct, Sean is a self taught guitarist of over 40 years. He is experienced in performing, studio recording, band leader, arranger, producing, guitar instructor and is well know in the area for his skill and musicianship. Sean co-founded Ground Zero Digital Recording in the late 90ʼs and is well versed in the technical aspects of digital and analog audio recording, midi programing as well as live sound reinforcement. Sean has worked with students for many years, encouraged local musicians, organized many local music events, supported organizations with artists and sound reinforcement and has gained a reputation of reliability, hard work and performing to the best ability.






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