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Events at the Music Lab Ct




ACOUSTIC NITE LIVE  |  6:30-9:30
Everyone is welcome!

Hosted by Mark Yard 



Second Tuesday Every Month


Music Appreciation  |  6:30-9:30
Everyone is welcome!

For musicians and enthusiasts.  An evening of listening, discussion, playing  and story telling.

     Our first nite with Frank Zappa we will listen to selected tracks from his extensive catalogue, discuss his         

     amazing compositions, attitude and play some fun stuff on guitar, other instruments are available.

     We have great sounding surround speakers set up in our live room for listening so come find the sweet spot!

     Our second month will be about how to listen to music a little deeper. Recommended for beginner to        

     intermediate musicians, anyone in a band or any music enthusiasts that want to change the way they hear 

     music. Basic topics include how to differentiate between instruments and frequencies, scales, dynamics,

     eq and meter.

       MORE TO COME BY DEMAND.  Stay tuned.

If you are interested in a specific artist or better yet would like to host an evening, please contact us!



February 13th - HOW TO LISTEN TO MUSIC

March 12th - 

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